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Taking care of your eyes is easy with
Founders Federal Credit Union and VSP® Vision Care.

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With VSP, taking care of your vision and overall eye health is easy.
As a member, you can:

Save More Money

Get access to more than $3,000 in savings with Exclusive Member Extras from VSP and industry-leading brands.*

Maximize Your Savings

With thousands of in-network doctors, it’s easy to find a VSP provider near you. Get more when you visit a VSP Premier EdgeTM location, including private practice doctors and Visionworks®!

Find Great Eyewear

Get the best value and choices in eyewear with brand names you know and love at your VSP network doctor. Prefer to shop online? Shop in-network and integrate your benefits on Eyeconic®—the official VSP online retailer.

Get Your Member ID Card

Though an ID card is not required to receive services from VSP providers, you can print a copy for your records from your VSP member account.

Save with VSP Coverage

Column 1 lists type of coverage, column 2 lists cost of coverage without VSP, column 3 lists cost of coverage with VSP
  Without VSP Coverage With VSP Coverage
Eye Exam $203.00 $10.00
Frame $150.00 $25.00
Bifocal lenses $167.00 Included with Frame
Custom Progressive Lenses $268.00 $150.00
Anti-glare Coating $152.00 $85.00
Member-only Annual Contribution $0.00 $111.84

Your Estimated Annual Savings With VSP



Based on state and national averages for eye exams and most commonly purchased brands. This chart represents an average savings for VSP members. Your actual savings will depend on the eyewear you choose, the plan available to you, your copays, your premium, and whether it is deducted from your paycheck pre-tax.

Please contact VSP member services at 800.400.4569.

*Log in to your VSP member account to check your benefits for eligibility and to confirm in-network locations based on your plan type. Frame brands and promotions are subject to change.